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Welcome to Speech Athletes. Our mission is to skillfully guide gifted English as a Foreign Language (EFL) achievers to Leap to Communication Success!  Our program enables our clients to elevate their American-English speaking skills to match the level of their professional competency. 

Interviews, speeches, personal statement videos, networking and inter-collegial collaboration all require top-level oral communication skills. With adequate attention, devotion, time and investment, motivated clients will see dramatic results in their Standard American English pronunciation and oral presentation skills.


  • ​Perfect your pronunciation
  • Express yourself with confidence
  • Speak clearly and understandably
  • Speak naturally and with enjoyment
  • Master English-language idioms and grammar

Achieve your goals in a supportive learning environment


This course solved several problems that I didn't even know I had, and which no one had corrected in the previous twelve years of my stay in the United States.  Susanne is enthusiastic, patient and always willing to help. For any professional who is not a native speaker and wants to improve his/her accent, I strongly recommend Susanne's course!     

 - L.H., Chinese Neuroscience Post-Doc

她(Susanne)每次半小時的授課幫我糾正了在美十二年未能解決的若干發音錯誤。有些問題,若非她指出,我可能永遠意識不到。Susanne非常地热情、耐心、积极,所以我强烈推荐所有想褪去自己外国口音的职场人士来跟 Susanne学习。

- L.H., 脑神经学的中国博士后

​​Thanks to Susanne's expertise in her field and to her upbeat, supportive approach, our [adopted El Salvadorian] son's pronunciation and intonation are much improved. This investment will certainly help him in his career.  

- A.A., Mother and Applied Linguistics Professional

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