Susanne is an amazing teacher who helps to improve the quality of speech and public presentations. Susanne has detailed knowledge of pronunciation, a very good ear for correcting common and rare mistakes, patience and good methodological skills. Several people in my group have benefited from her suggestions and feedback. I strongly recommend her services to people interested in improving their communication skills.

Raúl Rabadán


Columbia University 

Susanne is a wonderful English teacher. She is really good at correcting my pronunciation. She is very familiar with the common mistakes that Mandarin speakers would make in English pronunciation. Especially she helped me understand the subtle difference on some similar/easy to confuse sound between Mandarin and English. This made a huge difference to me. She made the learning process fun and interesting. I highly recommend Susanne.

            J.Z., Post-Doc, Systems Biology, Columbia University Medical Center


苏珊娜是个极好的英语老师。她帮助我纠正英语发音,我从她那儿学到了很多。 她非常熟悉讲普通话者在英语发音上常犯的一些错误。 特别是一些容易混淆的音,我现在有能力分辨它们的细微差别。这对我帮助特别大。她让学习过程变得有趣。我强烈推荐苏珊娜老师。

Susanne provided a pronunciation and speech session to a group of non-native English speakers at Columbia Law School. Her class was very well received and the students were grateful to be a part of this class. Susanne’s teaching methods were clear and she provided a safe space for everyone to practice their pronunciation without judgment. I would recommend Susanne to those who wish to improve their English pronunciation.

             Master of Law

             APALSA LLM Representative

             Columbia Law School

Susanne is an outstanding accent reduction coach. We are so pleased with the improvement she has helped bring about in our son's accent. We engaged her services to help him improve his spoken English accent. Our son is a native Spanish speaker who came to the U.S. as a teenager. His English proficiency is quite good, however, his strong foreign accent has been an impediment to his career advancement.  Thanks to Susanne's motivating lessons, our son is on his way to a Gold Medal in both pronunciation and fluency in English.   

I am a language professional myself (applied linguistics). In observing several of her lessons with our son (via internet), I have seen first hand how powerful her teaching is. She is incredibly supportive, knowledgeable, and intuitive in her field. She consistently chooses the next pronunciation issue to address and finds creative and compelling ways to engage and inspire our young man.  

Thanks to Susanne's expertise in her field and to her upbeat supportive approach, our son's pronunciation and intonation are much improved. This investment in our son will certainly help him in his career.  

In conclusion, let me say again that I highly recommend Susanne Katchko as a coach for accent reduction.  

     -- A.A., ESL Teacher, Great Neck, NY Public Schools

结识Susanne是一件极其幸运的机缘巧合。作为一名在纽约工作的管理咨询顾问,我经常为自己的英语而烦恼 : 虽然我可以把语义尽职尽责地表达出来,与我的同事相比,我的英语总是少了一份地道和优美。而沟通恰恰是一个咨询顾问的基本功。  

一次在哥伦比亚大学门前的偶遇,让我第一次了解到了Susanne 的“去除口音”课程 (Accent Reduction)。在每次一个小时的课程里,我会和 Susanne一对一在一个隔音的教室对话,纠正特定的音节和口音习惯。她不仅帮我点出我多年来都没有意识到的偏差,而且还像声乐老师一样一点一点纠正我的发音 (我后来毫不惊奇地发现她真的有过专业的声乐经历,对声音极其敏感)。而通过针对性的课后作业,我可以着重练习正确发音 – 仅仅两个月的时间,我的同事对我的进步直言不讳。我真的非常自豪,所以真心希望看到这里的你们,也可以抓住机会,在美语口语上精益求精!  

具体联系信息:Susanne Katchko 美语口音教练,为意欲提高和完善英语水平的职场人士、白领、企业高管、学生等提供一对一的私教课程。有意向者请联系   

     -- Y.C., Management Consultant  

Her care in class preparation, ... creativity and detailed responses to students' work are impressive and extraordinary.

     -- S.L.C., Corporate Executive